Learning the essence of docker

For since laste 2 months i have been learning docker for my mozilla project. And after some time I have acquired some knowledge of docker like how to import a docker image in the Dockerfile and how to create the services in the docker-compose.yml. But didn’t find the essence of it so i was thinking a reallife example where I can implement the docker and understand how it works better that normal virtual environment.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Although my mozilla project is having python2 as their base interpreter and all we know the python2 will not be maintained after 2020. So, we need to add the python3 as base interpreter for pontoon python3 beta release. So I took the responsibility to add the python3 interpreter in the base image. So, I took the issue and started working on it and in this issue my co-workers are Jarek, Alex and Adrian. They guided me for this issue and gave enough resources that can help me to understand and implement what is needed. And after interacting with docker I have understand how it works with different images, and how services works with images.


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