It is not ok to quit

So, If you face any problem in your day to day life you always have two option either you can quit or you can stick to that problem untill and unless you solve it. Today I am going to tell you about one thing from that I have learned something. So, I am always eager to learn new technologis and I was planning to start learning Ansible from past couple of days.

Let me give you a overviw aout Ansible. It is a IT automation tool to manage our systems and it uses a very simple language called YAML. In this blog I am not going to tell you about Ansible briefly if you want to learn it here is the right place for you.

So, as like all of us when you start learning something you face lots of problem even in the very basic thing. After I started learning Ansible from their official docs I added some IP in the /etc/ansible/hosts file but when I am executing this command ansible all -m ping it is giving me some weired errors that I was not able to figure out what it is and after that I searched a lot in the internet and found the exact solution. After that I again stuck somewhere and this time I was not able to find the relevent solution in the internet and decided to ask in the DGPLUG(it is Linux Users Group og Durgapur where we all hang around and share our knowledge) and a member named Nabarun Pal helped me. We discussed about the error for over 1 hour and after all of that I understand the concept and successfully implemented it. And after overcomming all kind of errors I today I have succesfully wrote my first ansible playbook. Here below the code.

- hosts: webservers
  gather_facts: yes
  become_user: root
  - name: Install tree
    apt: pkg=tree state=present
    - restart tree
    - name: restart tree
      service: name=tree state=restarted

- hosts: dbservers
  become_user: root
  - name: Install mysql
    apt: pkg=mysql-server state=present

Above the code does very simple thing that it install tree package in my webserver host and install mysql in my dbserver host but I am very happy to see it because I havn’t quit in between my journey and completed what I decided to do.

Thank you. 🙂


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