Daily Learning: Computer Networks – Network Topology

In real life there are many ways the hosts in a network is connected. Upon which the efficiency and other parameters depends and discussed topologies are been developed through the decades.

Bus & Ring Topology

  • A bus topology use a connection line that connects all computers.
  • Ring topology connects all the computer on a network with a ring of cable.
    In ring topology the data gets transferred in uni direction (clockwise or anti clockwise )

Problems – Both suffered from same problem with cable break down.

Star Topology

Here all machines are connected to a central node.

Pros – It is robust and if one connection goes down then entire network don’t get affected.

Cons – If the central node goes down then the entire network goes down.

Mesh Topology

In wireless network every machine is connected to every network then it is a mesh topology. There are mainly two type of topology is there-

  • Fully Mesh – All machines are connected to all other machines.
  • Total number of Links – n * (n – 1) / 2
  • Partial Mesh – At least two machines are not connected.

Hybrid Topology

Here in the central box all the machines are connected to a internal bus. It is often known as star-bus topology.

All the hosts are connected to a central node but inside the box every connection is actually bus topology.


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