Daily Learning: Computer Networks – Supernetting or Aggregation

In the routing table there is entry for all the sub networks present in a network. And as the network increase the size of the routing table also increase. For this the router combine multiple networks to form a bigger network.


  1. IP addresses must be contiguous.
  2. All network should be of same size(the size also should be 2^n).
  3. The first network ID should be divisible by the size of the block(number of host).

Let’s see the IP address can form a supernet or not. Ans is yes they can. because-

  1. All are contiguous.
  2. All network of same size.
  3. Total number of host is 4 * 2^8 then the first IP address is divisible.

Supernet Mask

We put all 1 in the place of Network ID and all 0 in the place of Host ID.

    255.255.11111100.00000000   Mask

Supernet Mask is -

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