Participating in my first hackathon

Hey there everyone! After a long time I am writing blog 😉 . I recently joined in B.Tech in Computer Science an Engineering in BPPIMT. And I am really happy that couple of months after joining the college I got some cool folks with whom I can discuss about programming and other tech stuff and got a chance to participate in hackathon. It was Hackoverflow organised by NIT Durgapur.

How it started

In my college unofficial group suddenly one of friend messaged that there is a upcoming hackathon on 2nd April organised by NIT Durgapur. So I messaged him about I am interested and he told that. And after that we registered in Devfolio for the event.

What we made

This is most tricky part. Me and Arkaprabha discussed a lot about what we can make for the hackathon. First we decided we could make a open-book website for students. But after that we discovered the sample idea section in their discord channel :p . And we took the idea of making a food post application for leftover food of various events. It had a user authentication and food post CRUD feature and as well as a search feature based on country and city.

What technologies we used

We decided to go with conventional Django approach. And designed the back-end with that and for the front-end we used HTML, CSS and bootstrap. And bootstrap helped us a lot in aligning things. For search we used Django filter package and countries we used django-countries. And we tried to kept the UI simple as possible. Here is github link.

What problems we faced

First while making the back-end I was in a hurry and made the database query wrong and that’s why it was not fetching the user own post and other post properly instead it was fetching all post in the home page. And I discovered it and fixed it by placing .
Second problem we faced was when a user was making a post It was by default saying that the post was made by superuser. And the problem was same I used user instead of and by default in the database file the default value was 1.

What was the result?

And here is the big part the what was the result. And yes we lost XD. But I never regret for the result because I got so many thing to learn and got a idea how hackathon works and After all I enjoyed 😉 . And I will be participating in hackathons in future for sure.