Learning: Kubernetes – Controller & Cloud Controller


k8s controller is like a thermostat in a room. It checks the current temperature and maintains the temperature by turning off & on the switch. Same here the k8s controller checks the current state and verify that if the current state is equal to the desired state or not. If the current state is not matched with the desired state it makes the necessary changes and brings to the desired state.

Types of the controller –

  • ReplicaSet – It is responsible for maintaining the set desired number of pods.
  • Deployment – Deployment is the most common way to get your app on Kubernetes. It maintains a ReplicaSet with the desired configuration.
  • StatefulSet – A StatefulSet is used to manage stateful applications with persistent storage.
  • Job – A Job creates one or more short-lived Pods and expects them to successfully terminate.
  • CronJob – A CronJob creates Jobs on a schedule.
  • DaemonSet – A DaemonSet ensures that all (or some) Nodes run a copy of a Pod. As nodes are added to the cluster, Pods are added to them.

Cloud Controller

The cloud controller manager lets you link your cluster into your cloud provider’s API, and separates out the components that interact with that cloud platform from components that only interact with your cluster.

  • Different functions
    • Node Controller –
      • It updates node objects when new servers are created in the cloud.
      • Annotating and labeling the node object with the cloud-specific information.
      • Obtain node hostname & network address.
      • Checks the node health. If the node has been deleted from the cloud then it also removes the node from the k8s cluster.
    • Route Controller – It configures the routes properly so the nodes on the k8s cluster can communicate with each other.
    • Service Controller – It interacts with the cloud provider’s API to set up a load balancer and other infrastructure components.

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